Kinosuite International

Kinosuite International is the premier international independent motion picture experience based in Jakarta, Indonesia to capture the spirit of global independent collaboration and co-productions, to facilitate cross-cultural exchange, appreciation, networking and commerce.

At its core, Kinosuite International seeks to foster a vibrant cultural exchange by bringing together filmmakers, artists, and industry professionals from around the world. Embracing the essence of Indonesian values, the festival embodies the spirit of hospitality and inclusivity, welcoming diverse perspectives and creative minds.

The festival is not only a showcase of exceptional Indonesian cinematic artistry but also a powerful platform to spotlight the best of Indonesia’s cultural richness. By presenting a curated selection of films that encapsulate the nation’s diverse stories, traditions, and contemporary narratives, Kinosuite International aims to captivate audiences, offering them a glimpse into the soul of Indonesia. Moreover, the festival envisions facilitating collaboration and co-production opportunities between Indonesian talents and global production houses, elevating Indonesian cinema to international prominence. Through dynamic panels, networking events, and immersive experiences, Kinosuite International intends to pave the way for meaningful cross-cultural collaborations, ultimately enriching the global film landscape and showcasing Indonesia’s creative brilliance on the world stage.