Parcstar Assembly

Parcstar Assembly is an independent motion picture ecosystem, that provides bootstrap content and media services, including but not limited to: original motion picture productions, record label, talent management, project management, brand management, equipment rentals, fashion design, production design, equipment rentals and creative business consultancy.

Julio Rionaldo

Director | Writer

Experienced creative writer and director with years of proven track record covering multiple areas of proficiency & capable of undertaking projects across different work environments. Specialized in storytelling, artistic direction, experience design & concept development. Starting off his creative writing career at the 2014 Sundance Institute Screenwriter's Lab, the former Anaheim resident returns to his home country of Indonesia in order to pursue a "more serious career" in consulting. He returns shortly afterwards to the motion picture industry in 2021, in order to fulfill his true calling as a storyteller.

Fadhil Abhimantra


Serial entrepreneur in the Indonesian entertainment industry, with many exposure towards storytellers and thespians. When not working on his workshop, he spends his time producing motion pictures. Previously produced 4 (four) films, organized a film festival, and established a motion picture community in Bandung, Indonesia.

Amarl Al Kautsar

Amarl Al-Kautsar

Cinematographer | Director

Amarl Al-Kautsar is an experienced and highly skilled cinematographer known for his exceptional vision and artistic approach to visual storytelling. With a keen eye for capturing moments that transcend the screen, Amarl has established himself as a master of his craft. Having spent years honing his skills in the world of filmmaking, Amarl has collaborated with renowned directors and production teams, bringing their visions to life with his unique cinematographic style. His dedication to his work and commitment to pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling have earned him critical acclaim and recognition within the industry.

Axel Azarya


With years of experience and a versatile musical background, Axel possesses a unique ability to create captivating and evocative compositions that elevate the cinematic experience. His keen understanding of the emotional nuances of storytelling allows him to craft melodies and arrangements that seamlessly integrate with the visuals, enhancing the narrative and leaving a lasting impact on the audience. From sweeping orchestral scores to intimate and introspective melodies, Axel's work spans a wide range of genres and styles. His compositions are characterized by their rich textures, meticulous attention to detail, and an innate ability to capture the essence of a story. Whether it's a heartwarming drama, a thrilling action film, or a thought-provoking documentary, Axel's musical contributions bring depth, emotion, and resonance to every project he undertakes.


Kinosuite International is the premier international independent motion picture experience based in Jakarta, Indonesia to capture the spirit of global independent collaboration and co-productions, to facilitate cross-cultural exchange, appreciation, networking and commerce.

At its core, Kinosuite International seeks to foster a vibrant cultural exchange by bringing together filmmakers, artists, and industry professionals from around the world. Embracing the essence of Indonesian values, the festival embodies the spirit of hospitality and inclusivity, welcoming diverse perspectives and creative minds.

The festival is not only a showcase of exceptional Indonesian cinematic artistry but also a powerful platform to spotlight the best of Indonesia’s cultural richness. By presenting a curated selection of films that encapsulate the nation’s diverse stories, traditions, and contemporary narratives, Kinosuite International aims to captivate audiences, offering them a glimpse into the soul of Indonesia. Moreover, the festival envisions facilitating collaboration and co-production opportunities between Indonesian talents and global production houses, elevating Indonesian cinema to international prominence. Through dynamic panels, networking events, and immersive experiences, Kinosuite International intends to pave the way for meaningful cross-cultural collaborations, ultimately enriching the global film landscape and showcasing Indonesia’s creative brilliance on the world stage